quarta-feira, abril 30, 2008

UAVM-Virtual Museum

4 APRIL - 31 MAY 08

Portraits are one of the basic forms of artistic practice.
With Secret Portraits the UAVM Museum pretends to reveal that ancient form in the digital age.
Secret Portraits refers to an unknown identity, a grateful theme to the Unknown Artist. The secrecy as representation is against
individualism of the picture. In this sense the Secret Picture. It's anti-individual. In a sense It's an anti-portrait.

With Secret Portraits UAVM seeks to present an digital art show around the Portrait, questioning their ways of Representation,
centered in photograph and digital video and refusing practices associated with it, such as drawing, painting or photograph.

Agricola de Cologne (photography, Germany); Alberto Magrin (photography, Italy); Ariane Maugery (video, France); Dora Aguila (photography, Chile); Elena Perez Ardiles (photography, Chile); Eva Lewarne (digital Painting, Poland); Henry Gwiazda, (3D Software, USA); Janae Corrado (photography, USA); José Higino (photography, Portugal); Jessica Westbrook (video, USA); Laura Castanedo (photography, Mexico); Lorna Moore (video, England); Marco Bonvini (photography, Italy); Matt Kenyon (web art, USA); Matteo Cappé (photography, Italy); Osvaldo Cibils (sound art, Italy) and Tamara Lai (web art, Belgium) present at the UAVM seventeen proposals / reflections on portrait. To be seen from April 4 until May 31 08.


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