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Atlantic Waves

Atlantic Waves 2007-London International Festival For Exploratory Music
Filed under Events / Hot Pick Published on Tuesday, September 25th, 2007
The relentless Portuguese Atlantic Waves team continue to be leading purveyors in the execution of cutting edge and forward thinking international innovative music. This years festival sees 22 concerts in 8 days, with more than 70 artists from around the world.
1st November to 11th November, London, UK
They include Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Israel, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Japan and Australia. All events are taking place in respected venues: The Southbank Centre/Barbican to ultra cool venues: The ICA/Cargo. Respective venues showcasing said genre of music to appeal to its fan base of serious elder musos or knowledgeable young creatives.
The line up looks mouthwatering and solid. You’ll get your money’s worth. I’m personally dying to catch the Fado singers, that folk Portuguese music that has enjoyed a resurrection of late and is enjoying popularity with features in The Guardian and nods from artists such as the delightful Bjork. You really have to try and catch this guys, I’ve never seen it live but I remember watching a clip of one of the singers in an art gallery years ago when I was at Uni. It was beautifully mesmerizing and disturbingly haunting to say the least. The yearning and dramatic sadness delivered by the singers, literally brings a shiver down your spine. One of my friends and I had this heaviness in our hearts-it was embarrassing! We seemed so pretentious-but it was….well, it just was.
Some of the gems that will appeal to you include the three ‘Lusophone’ clubnights exploring soundclash, techno/electro and ghettotrash (at Cargo), and three world class experimental audiovisual electronica nights at the ICA.
Can’t wait, this will be ace.
Running from the 1st November to 11th November
More details link below, have a good look through everything that’s on-it’s time to get inspired to create your own musical mayhem or lo-fi arts collective.www.atlanticwaves.org.uk