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Homo Sonorus

Américo Rodrigues é um dos poetas sonoros incluídos em
Edited by Dmitry Bulatov, 440 pages,English-Russian, ill, +4 CD-collection,NCCA: Kaliningrad, 2001
This anthology is the first to appear in Russia with such a scope and rangeof authors. It's purpose is to give Russians a feeling for a new phenomenonof contemporary literature and art: international sound poetry. The set ofCDs represents the sound poetry productions of one hundred and ten poetsfrom twenty-two countries, who currently are working in this area andrelated the audio-art fields. The theoretical base of the anthology includesessays by leading sound poets and researchers of this trend, dedicated both tothe issues of the genre and the history of sound poetry development in differentcountries. This initial enterprise in sound poetry will let the reader/listenertrace the ongoing developments in the historical field of artistic goals andoutline the goals that the contemporary experimental poets set for themselves.All the audio recordings and articles have been obtained directly from the authorsespecially for the program of presentation the art of sound poetry in Russia by theKaliningrad Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art.

After such long dark horrible years in which the Leninist/Stalinistdictatorship destroyed free circulation of ideas, literature, art or socialmovements in Russia, culting russian artists and russian citizens out of thefree international movement of different cultures and artistic currents, itis a wonderful opportunity offered by the National Center for ContemporaryArt (Kaliningrad branch) to come into contact with russian artists thanks toa world-wide laboratory project of direct, horizontal free interchange ofexperiences and information set up by Dmitry Bulatov.
Jean-Jacques Lebel, Paris, France

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